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 Santiago Sarushin [Done]

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Santiago Sarushin
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Santiago Sarushin

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PostSubject: Santiago Sarushin [Done]   Santiago Sarushin [Done] Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 2:02 pm

Santiago Sarushin [Done] 4LASF5K

Santiago Sarushin [Done] HTLITxl

»Name: Santiago Sarushin

»Alias: Saru

»Age: 650

»Gender: Male

»Birthday: September 31st

»Rank: Espada 8

»Espada Group: N/A


Santiago Sarushin [Done] ZN5CUSo


Santiago has a very relaxed nature considering he was raised in the wild by monkeys. He tends to be very curious around things and places he's never been or seen. He behaves exactly like a monkey often slouching and standing in weird positions. He loves hanging from anything he can. At times he can be very annoying and childish but has pure intentions at heart. Unlike other Hollows he doesn't dislike Shinigami and don't care to eat humans. He only follows orders and if someone gets on his bad side he becomes vengeful and wild. He often portray himself as a Buddhist Priest seeming wise and informative. Santiago is extremely smart and careful often considering his opponents strength and abilities before acting He is very caring for living creatures due to his past life often keeping various animals within his domain. He has often befriended humans that can see him while in the world of the living. These actions has put his position in the Espada under question by many Arrancar.


Animals: He was raised by Monkeys and various other animals who you taught  him to survive and thrive in the wild. They thought him the universal language of the animals allowing him to communicate. He loves how they fit into the place of the food chain. He in addition loves animal sciences amongst other things.

Nature: Having being rates see in the nature he feels it's home. He loves the fresh air, endless animals, and thousands of plant life. Living here had a hand in shaping who he truly is.

Cero: He feels Cero's is an excellent demonstration of ones individuality. He likes that you can shape it to your liking.  He loves seeing the different colors and strengths of Ceros.


Meat: When he eats meat it reminds him of betraying the animals who raised him. It is also great betraly to himself. He also went through great depression during his transition from human to hollow to arrancar from eating souls and humans.

Clothing: Most of his life was spent without clothes. He feels they are unnecessary and bothersome. He dislikes the smells they retain.

Fragrances: Strong smells throw off his keen senses. They may give him headaches and cause nausea. May distract him from important things.

Santiago Sarushin [Done] EQzAKwZ

»Appearance Picture:


»Eye Color: Red

»Height: 5.5ft

»Weight: 112.6

»Hair Color: Red/Orange

»Extra: Thunderbolt shaped scar on his torso across his hollow hole.

»Appearance Description:

Saru appears to be a young boy about the age of 14. He has multicolored hair the most dominant being burnt orange. It is cut into a spiked curved mohawk the edges being an almost burnt orange while the center is a normal red. His eyes are a ruby red wirh black pupil. He has thick black almost rectangular eyebrows ending off with a spike near the center. He has a long strong furry tail that follows the pattern of his hair the cast majority being orange with a red tip. Having lived in the nature for the duration of his human life he behaves and acts like a wild animal primarily a monkey. He is commonly found in white and black clothing with matching sandals. He can also be found holding various sticks with things attached to them like dead prey of things he's fond of. His hollow hole can be found under the left half of his chest normally covered by his espada clothing. The only remaining part of his mask is his teeth having been hard and long. His Espada tattoo can be found on the inside of his left palm.

Santiago Sarushin [Done] 2dNVYy1

»Historical Information:

Santiago was born in South America deep within the Amazon. He was abandoned by his parents and left to die resting peacefully within a withered log. Odd enough several monkeys we're around the miracle and decided to inspect the aftermath. The monkeys one by one would began to crowd Santiago touching his blanket and picking through his hair. The eldest female monkey would walk up towards him and smell him. Just before picking him up she would screech at the other monkeys which would seem to be some sort of acceptance into their pack.

As an infant he was forced to feed off of the elder monkey until he could began to fend for himself. A soon as he was able to walk he was taught to hunt and basic maneuvering skills to escape predators. At the age of five he was as strong as the other monkeys quickly climbing the ranks of their hierarchy. As he reached age ten he was already the leader of the pack. He would swing throughout the Amazon taking on any for or adversary that wanted to attack his family. He would even began to notice his reflexes we're faster then most adult humans. This would be most interesting for the next four years of his life having stolen food from large groups of humans.

Everything would seem to go to plan until he and his family would caught by merchants because this particular group were more calculated then normal. He would try his hardest to protect them but it was hard seeing as how he couldn't communicate with the humans. They we're all eventually hunted down by merchants and sold to science. After his death he would awaken next to his body deep within the lab of some sort of scientists. Having had no interaction with humans outside of stealing from then Santiago would escape the building hiding deep within the streets of a busy town. Scared and confused he would search for his family just as a chain began to materialize on his chest. Months and months would past as the chain began to erode and his energy began to drain from his body.

As it reached it's last link Santiago would began to panic and try to communicate with ever he could be no one would hear his screams. Just as he was in his darkest moment, a shadowy figure would appear from the darkness and reach out to his cries. The figure would signal to him to embrace the darkness and that he would learn to control the evil... and so he would. As that last chain link would fade a darkness would envelope him both sending him to a place with strange creatures and a vast desert filled with white sand. He would also know changes to his body it know being covered in red tough skin, long sharp canine teeth and a long spiked tail similar to a monkey. He would began traversing through the desert as he stumbled upon the voice of the shadowy figure. This time the voice was complimented by the voice of a large lizard like creature who stood tall amongst most creatures in this area.

He was able to communicate with him through what seemed like his animal half and spoke of teaching him how to survive under these circumstances. During this time Santiago would receive his name causing him to face situations with confidence. His first lessons would he of learning how to talk this stage was harder than expected having spoken vocally unless it was to screech. Along side speaking lesson he was taught to hunt eating other souls and hollows as they went to both gain strength and evolve into his next stage. It would take ten years to perfect the art of speaking and other social skills. Hunting down creatures came easy to him because of his past life. Over the next four hundred  hundred years he would only grow and evolve nearing the completion of his Vasto Lorde his hunger for souls would increase but the more he ate the stronger he would feel. During his period Santiago would fall into depression having to feed on those he vowed never to hurt having to eat things just to survive...  But he had to. He would constantly be pitted against other hollow to learn to fight and develop skills necessary to overcome these threats.

His skills began apparent when he noticed his new found abilities allowing him to keep up with low ranking shinigami. The push he needed no achieve Vasto Lorde was given to him when swarms of Hollow would invade the Soul Society attacking and eating anyone he could. The shadow hollow would aid him with taking down and eating shinigami but those devoured weren't enough he needed stronger most more powerful prey. It was then he stumbled upon a vice captain in which he struggle to take down the vice captain having severely injured the shadow hollow but losing an arm in the process. Santiago would struggle to finish the vice captain killed him with help from other weaker hollow. Claiming this kill as his own he would devour the vice captain whole as power surged through his body yet this wasn't enough to push him off the edge that he was so close to. It was then that the dying shadow hollow suggested he eat him to finish the transformation.

Reluctant yet desperate he would began to eat this hollow who raised him from the beginning of his transformation to achieve a state we're he would never have to hurt another soul to survive on his own. Just as he devoured the last piece he would began stumbling as the power erupted from all of his body. He hardly managed to escape back to Heuco Mundo before transitioning into Vasto Lords. His body would began to become more human like the red tough skin changing to become the hue and texture of skin. His Hollow mask would crack almost completely falling off leaving behind the teeth he found so useful. His hair would grow immensely turning different shades of red and orange. Luckily enough his body would return to the days he treasured most taking the form of his body shortly before death... This was the new Santiago Sarushin... For the next 10 years he would train with his new powers learning as much as he until he was discovered and assigned to the role of Espada.

Around this time Santiago discovered the ability of Ressureccion which would grant him a new level of power. This ability released his true strength and was called forth through a weapon know as a zanpaktuo. He was able to create both his own zanpaktuo and ressureccion. In under one year. The rest of his time has been spent mastering both his weapon, normal form, and newfound ressureccion as he continues to learn more about this life style.

Santiago Sarushin [Done] WFk4Ag9

See Stat System For More Information

General Skills

  • Durability: Expert

  • General Speed: Dangerous

  • Strength: Dangerous

  • Weapon Skill: Expert

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Trained

  • Mental Deduction: Trained

  • Pain Endurance: Trained

  • Focus: Proficient

Racial Skills

  • Cero/Bala: Dangerous

Santiago Sarushin [Done] OPqcaY4

»Your Sample:

: Alastair waited for his reinforcements to arrive from the soul society at the cafe. He decided to wait inside seeing as the outside area was slightly more busy. He ordered a cup of hazelnut hot chocolate and a blue berry muffin, he favorite snack. He felt a small vibration from his book bag so he decided to check and see what the fuss was about. It read,

"Your reinforcements have arrived. "

He quickly finished he snack and headed outside. There he saw nothing different from before only that a beautiful girl was occupying the only available table. He decided that sense he didn't seem to find the reinforcements he decided to spark a conversation with this young lady. He walked slowly over to he and lightly tapped her one her shoulder, "Hello miss do you mind if I take a seat here?" He smiled seductively staring into her eyes with a intense glare. The young lady looked up as her shoulder was tapped. She was dressed normally in some street clothes with her shoulder bag at her side. She looked over the man before her as her light yellow hair blew in the breeze, it messing with her vision a bit though it was short. She said, ”I am waiting for someone but you can sit here till she arrives.”

She had no idea why she asked him to sit. To her he was just another man in the way. She placed her order, a piece of dark chocolate cake and a mocha iced coffee. She smiled as it was brought to the table. Before she began to eat she did ask, ”So, what brings you here?” Alastair a unsettling vibe from the young lady that she wasn't interested in him and yet something about her he was fascinated with. He took his seat as he quickly looked at his clothes. He then thought about his hole purpose of being here, "Great I'm wearing such crazy clothes. Alastair was dressed in a blue t-shirt that had the word Obey across the chest part in red. He then has tide dyed blue jeans that were cut at the knee area. He then focused his attention back to this young lady, "So may I ask what's your name miss?"

"Mizuko Ichikawa. Is there something wrong? Did your friends just say they were not coming," she responded with concern. Alastair felt as if held off a lot of emotion. She would would flip her hair to the left of her, "Well mines have as well..." A slight grin of sadness covered her face. Alastair felt as if he should help her.

He decided to play on the situation a bit, "Oh and also I'm waiting for a friend as well. He watched her eat her snack as he checked his phone and thought, "Where are they." His patience started growing thin as he waited for this girl to reply. She would hesitate as she checked her own phone, "Oh shoot, she has gotten caught in traffic and has told me to meet her at the location. I know this may seem strange but may you walk me to my car." Alastair smiled, "Sure thing lets get out of here. Alastair’s proceeded to follow her to the car were the two of them walked off into the distance as the beginning of a new friendship began.

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Santiago Sarushin
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Santiago Sarushin

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PostSubject: Re: Santiago Sarushin [Done]   Santiago Sarushin [Done] Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 9:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Santiago Sarushin [Done]   Santiago Sarushin [Done] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 04, 2015 4:03 pm

Hi there! All looks good at my end. Approving this. Although, if an admin or mpd sees something wrong with it, they are free to unapprove and regrade.

That said, have fun!~
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Santiago Sarushin [Done]
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