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The lazy... is lazy! (Open) BFXHzMl
The lazy... is lazy! (Open) DhN90Tq

The lazy... is lazy! (Open) OYbQr1B

The lazy... is lazy! (Open) FhjElgO
The lazy... is lazy! (Open) UV3zQQ7

The lazy... is lazy! (Open) C3HA1yv
The lazy... is lazy! (Open) UL5b2L6
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The lazy... is lazy! (Open) TNZacwt
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The lazy... is lazy! (Open) IbxCsx2
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The lazy... is lazy! (Open) SqJg4s9
The lazy... is lazy! (Open) ShAAjC7
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 The lazy... is lazy! (Open)

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Sanji Suko
Sanji Suko

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The lazy... is lazy! (Open) Empty
PostSubject: The lazy... is lazy! (Open)   The lazy... is lazy! (Open) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 2:03 pm

Sanji was extremely bored, having finished practice with a fair amount of ease.Those poor soccer balls never stood even a smidge of a chance against his kick, and he wasn't even going all out. He was fairly sure that, if he'd gone all out, they'd be out at least 4 balls. If not 5. Now, there was also the fact that he was extremely lazy; and it could be said that he was just too lazy to actually do so. While normally true in other parts of life, it was not true here, he just didn't feel it... needed to go all out. Last time he did, he broke through the back of the net and it was not well received. Not only that, he had broken the ball and that was the thing. He had to pay for both. Not that his family was poor, but a hefty 600 dollar fee for both is not something to scoff at. Sure, they lived, but it's something he doesn't want to pay every month. That'd be bloody annoying to pay every month.

He was bored though. He decided to run across the town, but went extremely slow. Like. A 10th of his max speed. He couldn't show off in front of the others. He was too lazy. Sure, it could be said that being lazy and slow let the rabbit almost win, but guess who won in the end? The slow-moving and lazy tortise. Guess who he was? The very same. He got to the store and bought himself a beef-stick and some juice, and left, drinking the juice swiftly but pocketing the beef sticks just in case he was hungry later. He walked half-way back before sitting against the wall, and imaging the people crossing by in a fight. His eyes were closed and he looked unconsious. This was bound to bring interesting happenings. He knew this, but was too lazy to actually say that's why he did it. He was just bored, in his mind, and so he decided to play with the public. This was his impulsive side budging in on his normal, lazy persona.
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Aurora Gazer
Aurora Gazer

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The lazy... is lazy! (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The lazy... is lazy! (Open)   The lazy... is lazy! (Open) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2015 3:30 pm

Walking briskly down the street, Aurora was in a hurry as well as checking her handbag several times. She had just recently acquired drugs from a dealer and was planning on using them to help her relax. However, while checking the handbag, she didn't see that there was someone else sitting on the sidewalk. Not seeing where she was walking, she tripped over Sanji before releasing a yelp when she fell down and landed on him.

Looking to see up to see what she had tripped on, she realized that she landed on someone that was sitting on the sidewalk. "Ah, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?", she asked the man as she got up from the ground. Dusting herself off and inspected her clothing, she find that everything is fine. She then proceeded to check the contents of her handbag to see if the fall may have ruined her "products". She was relieved that they were fine and decided to check on the man once more. "Again, I'm so sorry. I should've watched where I was going.", she apologized to the man again. She offered her hand to him if he wanted to be helped up.
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The lazy... is lazy! (Open)
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